Congrats to Linsay, Kristin, Spencer, Alisa, April & Linda for submitting the winning memories for the “Sweet 16 Story Contest!”  Stop by Friendly’s anytime to pick up your $50 gift certificate for a wine purchase at Cellar on Greene.

Linsay Potterfield

My favorite Mr. Friendly’s memory is when my mom was having lunch and she called me when I was riding home with my babysitter and said, “Linsy!! You gotta hurry up! Jessica Biel is here!!” And so we hurried and finally got there, met her and got a picture and an autograph.

Kristin McLean

My first date with Patrick was a blind date.  He took me to his friends house for a Christmas Eve, Eve dinner party.  Our second date was a group dinner.  Our third date was making home made pizza at his house.  Our fourth date was Mr. Friendly’s.  We had a little wait for a table so we went over to the bar to have a drink.  We were enjoying our drinks, the fun atmosphere and our conversation.  A woman approached Patrick and said, ” Your Patrick, right?  I know you.  It’s been awhile but don’t sit there and act like you don’t know me.  I KNOW you know who I am.  Do you need me to remind you who I am?”  She kept going on and on.  I was very uncomfortable and Patrick was bright red .  He was flustered and kept saying, “I think you have the wrong person.”  At last, the woman broke out laughing and pointed out the window to the patio.  Outside on the Mr. Friendly’s patio were his friends (from our first date) laughing hysterically!

To top the evening off, I spilled my glass of wine and it splashed all over the front of Patrick’s pants!  We are married now and have eaten at Mr. Friendly’s many times.  We always laugh when we are there and remember our fourth date.

Spencer Whetstone

Years ago, we were seated at our usual spot in a booth in the bar, when we were listening to the specials being described.  Our waiter was an earnest young fellow who, when asked for his opinion about a particular dish, thought for a moment and said, “Well, I reckon it ain’t too overbearing.”

We have cherished that phrase for years.

Alisa Painter

My most favorite Mr. Friendly’s memory of the past 16 years is from January 8, 2010.  This was a night out in celebration of my birthday (January 4th) and in memory of our Golden Retriever’s Birthday (January 8th).  This was the first birthday in 15 years that we celebrated without him. But when we got to Mr. Friendly’s, we noticed that the current art showing was all paintings of dogs.  So in essence, he was there with us in the many pieces of art that adorned the walls.

Thank you for the great celebration of life.

April Kresken

I don’t know if I should even admit this BUT….

I’m on a somewhat “fixed income” (not too long out of college and working in admin) and wanted to take my friend, Elisabeth, out for a birthday dinner (this is in October). My treat!  Mr. Friendly’s was the first thing that popped into my head!  I could afford our meals and to share a slice of cake but knew that I couldn’t also spend money on a couple bottles of wine. That would’ve price Mr. F’s out for me and how could we pass up such a good meal?!! We love Food! AND WINE, for that matter.  So, during the summer months I realized that a few of my girlfriends (including Elisabeth) enjoyed drinking Marcus James Pinot Grigio (this is the part I shouldn’t admit)….. and I think it only comes in the “larger” bottles and retails for somewhere around $10.  Yup, I definitely bought this bottle at Kroger and brought a giant cheapo-vino to Mr. F’s, to be uncorked and consumed while we ate some of the best food in town!! We had a great time even if I should’ve hung my head in shame.

I’ve been back to Mr. Friendly’s several times since and I’ve purchased wine and we’ve also brought our own….but never Marcus James! They should rename it Marcus Shames.

Linda Boatwright

This was a few years ago because it was before my daughter got married.  She lives in Atlanta now, but every time she visits… Mr. Friendly’s  is her restaurant of choice.    We were sitting at a little table for two against the wall under the window.  I cannot recall what we were eating that evening….everything is fabulous!    However, I do remember what we were drinking.   I was having one of Justin’s yummy world famous Ginger Martinis and Blaire was having his special drink that night…a raspberry something.   Anyway, we were having great drink, food & conversation….mother daughter stuff.     A train rumbled by and suddenly something went plop into Blaire’s drink!    After a little confusion as to what had just happened..and lots of people looking up at the ceiling…and further examination of the drink…we and our waiter (can’t remember his name right now) realized a piece of the ceiling fell.    Now.. you have really tall ceilings, so you can imagine the precision of that little piece of plaster hitting a martini glass.   Our waiter didn’t miss a beat.  He was so great…he picked up the glass…said  “You know this is an old building!”…disappeared and reappeared within minutes with a fresh drink.   We sat at the same table a few weeks ago when she was in town and laughed about her “plaster martini”.  It is a fun memory for us!

Amendment to the story:  I forgot that the largest piece of plaster hit Blaire on the head first and then pieces went into her drink!

Honorable Mentions Mary Beauchene, Francee Levin, Noelle Brault, Clay Walker, Katie Woodlieff, Pat Coate and Bo Ivester! Stop by Friendly’s to pick up your $15 gift certificate!

Thank you ALL for participating!  We truly enjoyed hearing all your wonderful stories and hope to see you all at the restaurant soon!