Oysters Skillet Rockefeller 12.95

applewood bacon breadcrumbs, spinach-sambuca mornay,

parmesan, grilled ciabatta bread

Bourbon BBQ Glazed Gulf Shrimp 10.95

crawfish etouffe rice cake, texas pete marinated green tomatoes


Caramelized Onion & Wild Mushroom with Parmesan Crouton

Creole Clam-Andouille Sausage Chowder

Cajun Seafood Gumbo with Green Onions


Blackened Mahi Mahi 22.95

andouille sausage-seafood gumbo, grilled corn salsa,

chive crème fraiche, white rice, abita fried okra

Pecan Fried Tilapia 19.95

cajun fried crawfish, dill pickle tartar sauce, creamy grits, creole slaw

Cajun Grilled Angus Ribeye 25.95

wild mushroom-tasso ham cream sauce, fried oysters,

pepper jack au gratin, tabasco-country ham collard greens

“Hurricane” Marinated Yellowfin Tuna 23.95

tasso ham macque choux, authentic cajun remoulade, red beans & rice

N’Awlins Jambalaya 22.95

pan seared duck breast, sautéed shrimp & scallops, andouille sausage,

black mussels, crystal hot sauce aioli, white rice

Low Country Chopped Steak 17.95

ground beef tenderloin & angus ribeye,

coriander-vinegar demi glace, cumin grilled peppers & onions,

roasted garlic mashed potatoes, tabasco-country ham collard greens