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TAKEOUT ORDERS will be accepted for up to six guests ALL EVENING!

Monday Nights are back at Mr. Friendly’s! Join us for Burger Specials, Meatloaf, Half Price Wines and much more on BOTH Monday and Tuesday nights!

Tonight’s Specials

Sesame-Soy Seared Yellowfin Tuna Cake
spicy mandarin orange-thai chile chutney, togarashi roasted peanuts  12

Crispy Fried Calamari
roasted red pepper romesco, arugula-herb pesto, parmesan gremolata  12

Blythe’s Green Lentil  herb goat cheese
Low Country Seafood Chowder  oyster crackers, green onions

Bronzed Carolina Mahi-Mahi
tasso ham-shrimp cream sauce, green tomato chow chow, creamy stone-ground grits, country ham stewed collard greens  26

Ginger-Lime Seared #1 Yellowfin Tuna
edamame-cucumber “salad”, hot chile-cilantro ponzu, toasted almond jasmine rice, sautéed seasonal veggies  27

8 Hour Braised CAB Beef Short Ribs
red wine pan sauce, horseradish-thyme roasted wild mushrooms, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, grilled broccolini  28

Char-Grilled 12oz. Hand-Cut CAB Ribeye
housemade worcestershire-burnt sugar steak sauce, charred vidalia onions, blue cheese-rosemary potato cake, grilled broccolini  36