Due to a string of positive Covid cases within our staff over the last few days, we have decided to close for the rest of this week and thru Monday, January 1oth

We are getting the entire staff tested and requiring negative test results, as well as a quarantine period for all, before returning to work. 

Therefore, we are simply too short-handed this week to guarantee being able to properly staff for dinner service. This decision is very a very hard one to make, but it would also be a tremendous gamble and cause more problems if we were forced to make this decision with less notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and hope everyone knows we wish more than anything this was not the case. We have been 100% honest and as safe as possible throughout this pandemic and we will continue to do so. Even though it puts us in a very difficult spot going forward. However, we feel this is the right choice in the long run. So, fingers crossed….

In the meantime, we will be posting links asking everyone to buy Gift Certificates for the coming months as we will certainly need an influx of cash to keep our staff paid and intact. It goes without saying that losing an entire week of business is costly. Thus, it would mean so much to us if you are able to buy a Gift Certificate for a future time once we are open and back to fully operational. If you want to purchase a Gift Certificate immediately, or just send some cash to our staff, you may use the link on our website or send your request and payment via Venmo to Ricky Mollohan@ricky-mollohan (the picture is a beagle and the last four digits of the phone number are 6209). It is our goal to be able to pay our entire staff at least half of their normal earnings for this week, and any/all purchases and donations will help make that possible.

It’s both remarkable and depressing to be in this situation. We have tried to be as safe as possible. We have a staff full of 100% vaccinated individuals. And we are now almost 85% “boosted”. But this is simply unavoidable and we hope everyone understands.

For future reservations, please go to www.resy.com or email us at eatmrfriendlys@gmail.com

We thank you for your support and hope everyone remains safe until we can see you again beginning TUESDAY JANUARY 11TH!

With Love and Appreciation, 

Ricky & Harold