Pecan Crab Cakes
creole mustard hollandaise, creamy grits,
your choice of succotash or creole slaw 13

Bourbon-Brown Sugar Grilled Pork Loin
applewood bacon-cheddar pimento cheese, smoky bbq sauce,
creamy mashed potatoes, your choice of succotash or creole slaw 11

Panko Fried Shrimp over a Big Salad
mixed greens, five spice apple salsa, cucumbers, shaved onions,
grape tomatoes, toasted almonds, ginger-soy vinaigrette 13

Buttermilk Fried Cubed Steak
horseradish-roasted garlic demi glace, creamy mashed potatoes,
your choice of succotash or creole slaw 12

Today’s House-Ground Burger Special
housemade steak sauce, crispy fried onions, blue cheese crumbles,
toasted kaiser roll, lettuce, tomato, shaved onion, chips, pickle 10

Roasted Tomato Basil Bisque w/ basil chiffonade
Thai Curry & Coconut w/ chicken & cilantro

$4 wines by the glass
Alandra Dry Rosé     Riff Pinot Grigio     Douglas Green Sauvignon Blanc
Riebeek Chardonnay     Anciano Tempranillo     Plungerhead Zinfandel
Leese Fitch Merlot   Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon     Seaglass Pinot Noir

$15 wines by the bottle
Alandra Dry Rosé      Douglas Green Sauvignon Blanc     Anew Riesling
Natural Condicion Albarino     Riebeek Chardonnay      Mandolin Merlot
Le Roi Pinot Noir      Anciano Tempranillo      Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon

Bar Specials & Lunch Favorites
Bell’s Best Brown Ale 4         Stiegl “Radler” Grapefruit Lager, 17oz can 6.5
Pineapple-Lime Mimosa 5         Pickled Okra Bloody Mary 5
Southern Peach Bellini 4         Classic Mimosa 4
Cane Syrup Root Beer NA 2         Barritt’s Ginger Beer NA 3
Elderflower Soda NA 3.5       Cheerwine NA 3