Bronzed Striped Bass
cajun remoulade, green tomato-country ham relish,
creamy stone-ground grits, your choice of succotash or creole slaw 13

Mr. Friendly’s Famous Meatloaf
blue cheese bbq sauce, crispy fried onion rings,
creamy mashed potatoes, your choice of succotash or creole slaw 12

Greek Herb Grilled Chicken over a Big Salad
pepperoncinis, feta, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, shaved onions,
housemade croutons, mixed greens, lemon-herb vinaigrette 12

National Cheeseburger Day is Today!
Today’s House-Ground Burger Specials
fried green tomatoes, basil mayo, herb goat cheese
OR  caramelized onions, applewood bacon, cheddar cheese
both served with lettuce, tomato, shaved onion, chips, pickle 12

Andouille Sausage & White Bean Stew  buttermilk cornbread
Lemon Pepper Chicken & Veggie  orzo, basil
Garden Fresh Gazpacho  cilantro sour cream