small bites, starters

Caribbean Jerk Grilled Carolina Shrimp
watermelon-cucumber salsa, City Roots sprouts,
cilantro-orange chimichurri   11

Jumbo S.C. Stone Crab Claws
four of em’, citrus-mustard sauce, cocktail sauce   15

Char-Grilled Bratwurst
fried grit cake, caramelized vidalias, 
grilled peppers, creole mustard aioli   9

Frank’s Red Hot Glazed Pork Wings
blue cheese potato salad, marinated celery   11


Creamy Chicken & Mushroom w/ green onions
Tomato-Basil Bisque w/ herb goat cheese
Garden Fresh Gazpacho w/ cilantro crème fraiche


Lemon-Parsley Roasted N.C. Swordfish
tarragon-butter poached crab, roasted red pepper coulis,
pesto-penne pasta salad, grilled asparagus   21 

Caribbean Jerk Seared Yellowfin Tuna 
watermelon-cucumber salsa, cilantro-orange chimichurri   
almond rice pilaf, sautéed veggies  23

Bronzed Atlantic Halibut 
green tomato shrimp chow chow, creole mustard aioli, 
creamy grits, creole slaw   24

Mr. Friendly’s famous Meatloaf
house ground beef tenderloin & ribeye, 
blue cheese bbq sauce, crispy fried onion rings,
roasted garlic mashed potatoes, 
low country braised collard greens  17

Char-grilled 14o.z. Angus Ribeye 
Pepper Grilled Harris Ranch Hanger Steak

-medium rare to medium only please-
 fire roasted tomato demi glace, caramelized vidalias, 
grilled sweet peppers, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, 
low country braised collard greens   26/23