Blackened Pork Tenderloin Tips over our famous grits,
cheddar cheese mornay, green tomato chow chow   9.5

Buttermilk Fried Pork Chop caramelized onion-red eye demi glace,
creamy mashed potatoes, country ham stewed collard greens   11.

Cornmeal Seared Corvina pickled okra relish, cajun remoulade,
creamy grits, your choice of succotash or creole slaw       11.

Greek Grilled Chicken Breast over a Big Salad
mixed greens, fried artichoke hearts, white balsamic-feta vinaigrette,
tomatoes, cucumber, shaved onion, housemade croutons   9.5

Today’s Burger Special
basil pesto grilled, roasted garlic goat cheese,
lettuce, tomato, shaved onion, chips, pickle       8.75

Soups of Today
Roasted Brussels Sprout Bisque with goat cheese
Caramelized Onion with parmesan crostini