Cabernet Braised Pulled Lamb Stew  9.
feta-sun dried tomato rice pilaf, your choice of succotash or creole slaw

Blackened Chicken Cobb Salad   9.
avocado, applewood bacon, corn salsa, pepper jack cheese,
shaved onion, tomato, cucumbers,  1000 island dressing
Buttermilk Fried Pork Chop   10.
rosemary-blue cheese demi glace,
creamy mashed potatoes, your choice of succotash or creole slaw

Mr. Friendly’s Pizza  10.
basil pesto grilled shrimp, goat cheese tomato sauce, provolone cheese,
side salad with your choice of dressing

Grilled Italian Sausage Po Boy   8.
toasted baguette, grilled bell peppers & onions, horseradish mayo,
melted provolone cheese, chips, pickle

Soups of Today
Low Country Seafood & Clam Bouillabaisse with green onions
Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice with green onions
Garden Tomato Gazpacho with cilantro crème fraiche