Soy-Lime Grilled Swordfish Skewer

sesame-cucumber salad, cilantro guacamole 7.95

Fried Sweet Potato Raviolis

sage marinated mozzarella, balsamic-fig glaze 8.95

Buffalo Fried Flounder & Shrimp

blue cheese cole slaw, saffron-chive aioli 8.95


Caramelized Onion & Rosemary with Swiss Cheese Crostini

Roasted Corn, Tomato & Black Bean with Cilantro Crème Fraiche


Tortilla Crusted Atlantic Salmon cilantro crème fraiche,

spinach-avocado macque choux, tomato-brown basmati rice 19.95

Pepper Seared Yellowfin Tuna

red eye-pancetta demi glace, cumin roasted green tomatoes,

sweet potato-wild mushroom hash, creole slaw 24.95

Cornmeal Fried Tilapia brown butter-caper vinaigrette,

crab-pecan relish, creamy grits, creole slaw 19.95

Char-Grilled Angus Ribeye

applewood bacon-tomato confit, herb marinated feta cheese,

roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies 26.95

Mr. Friendly’s Meatloaf ground beef tenderloin & ribeye, blue cheese bbq sauce, fried onion rings,

roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies 18.95