starters, small bites
Grilled Rabbit-Veal Sausage
fried yellow grits, cippolini onion-red wine jam, whole grain mustard   9
Pan Seared Sea Scallops
toasted almond fruit salsa, balsamic-cherry reduction  12
Crispy Fried “Alive Today” Soft Shell Crab
malt vinegar tartar sauce  12

Low Country Chicken and rice with green onions
Creamy Potato & Country Ham with cheddar
Garden Tomato Gazpacho with cilantro crème fraiche

Buttermilk Fried “Alive Today” Soft Shell Crabs
blue crab-cucumber “salad”, malt vinegar tartar sauce,
creamy grits, sautéed veggies  24
Citrus-Soy Braised Pork Shank
hoisin glaze, pineapple-mint chutney,
roasted garlic mashed potatoes , sautéed veggies
Bronzed Angus Ribeye
honey-bourbon bbq sauce, applewood bacon pimento cheese,
herbed potato gratin, sautéed veggies  25

Tonight’s Burger Specials   14.
all burgers are 12-14 oz. of ground beef tenderloin & ribeye served with
lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, mayo & pickle ON THE SIDE
and your choice of tater tots or curly fries
Burger 1-Melted Brie, Granny Smith Apples, Horseradish Mayo
Burger 2-Smoked Cheddar, Applewood Bacon, BBQ Sauce
Burger 3-Swiss Cheese, Worcestershire Grilled Mushrooms, Pesto Aioli

Pan Seared Tuna
toasted almond-fruit relish, balsamic-cherry reduction,
creamy grits, sautéed veggies   24