Low Country Seafood Cakes
cajun remoulade, roasted corn-crawfish salsa,
creamy grits, your choice of succotash or creole slaw  10

Buttermilk Fried Cubed Steak
roasted garlic-caramelized onion demi glace,
creamy mashed potatoes, your choice of succotash or creole slaw  11

Blackened Mahi Mahi
tiger shrimp-tasso ham etouffee,  
white rice, your choice of succotash or creole slaw   13

Basil Pesto Grilled Chicken Breast over a Big Salad
mixed greens, fried artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes,
cucumbers, shaved onions, housemade croutons, balsamic-herb vinaigrette  10

Today’s Burger Special
cheddar cheese, fried pickles, 1000 island dressing,
toasted kaiser, lettuce, tomato, shaved onion, chips, pickle  9

Soups of Today
Southwest Chicken Tortilla w/ cilantro crème fraiche
Caramelized Onion & Mushroom w/ parmesan crostini

$4 wines by the glass
Le Cirque Dry Rosé         Cht. Ste. Michelle Riesling          Candoni Pinot Grigio                
Fox Brook Chardonnay           Beyond Sauvignon Blanc            
Lost Angel Pinot Noir            Seven Falls Merlot         Immortal Zinfandel   
Reunion Malbec           Milton Park Shiraz

$15 wines by the bottle
Le Cirque Dry Rosé         Benvolio Pinot Grigio          Fox Brook Chardonnay
Cht. Ste. Michelle Riesling          Spanish Vines Verdejo            
Shooting Star Pinot Noir          Simi Cabernet Sauvignon      
Immortal Zinfandel       La Noble Merlot          Milton Park Shiraz           

Beers you should be drinking & Lunch Cocktails
Great Divide “Orabelle” Tripel   6.5        New Holland’s “Full Circle” Kolsch Ale  4.5
Pickled Okra Bloody Mary  5           Red Wine Sangria  4
Southern Bellini  4           Classic Mimosa  4            Pineapple Mimosa  4         
Housemade Ginger Ale NA   2.5         Southern Peach Iced Tea NA 2