Lemon-Cilantro Seared Caribbean Shrimp 9.95

ginger marinated cucumbers, avocado crème fraiche

Pepper Seared RARE ONLY Hawaiian Ono 12.95

olive-basil relish, capers, red onions, lemon-herb aioli, grilled ciabatta

Duck & Pork Confit Nachos 9.95

red chile guacamole, cahill porter cheddar cheese, honey-lime chimichurri


Mediterranean Chicken & Rice

Asparagus Bisque with Feta

Tomato-Crab Bisque with Parmesan & Dill


Pan Seared Atlantic Perch 22.95

roasted tomato-horseradish beurre blanc, caribbean shrimp macque choux,

creamy grits, sautéed veggies

Low Country Brined 12 oz. Pork Chop 19.95

caramelized onion bordelaise, orange-worcestershire grilled mushrooms,

oven roasted new potatoes, creole slaw

Chile-Lime Seared Hawaiian Ono 25.95

cucumber-avocado carpaccio, tomato salsa, avocado crème fraiche,

ginger sticky rice, lime grilled asparagus

Brown Sugar-Coffee Grilled Angus Ribeye 26.95

irish porter cheese, balsamic ketchup, crispy prosciutto ham,

hand cut fries, creole slaw

Roasted Garlic-Herb Seared Yellowfin Tuna 24.95

roasted red pepper-goat cheese mornay, sweet corn-caper pesto,

whole wheat linguine, sautéed tomatoes, artichokes & spinach

Southwest Seared Chopped Steak 18.95

ground beef tenderloin & ribeye, pepper jack mornay, fried mushrooms,

roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies